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Nevada work desks

Nevada desks have a solid metal frame with four steel legs powder-coated in different colors, with a round profile of 60mm diameter and a leveling adjustment (+/- 25mm). The legs are welded together with an aesthetic connecting sheet metal. The desk top comes in two thicknesses: 18 mm or 25 mm. The legs are connected by a metal beam under the desktop that also serves as a horizontal channel for wiring. Thanks to its modular design, Nevada Desks allow for a functional arrangement of any office space. read more »

Price list and dimensions

Catalog Nevada

Color palette

Sample desks from the Nevada series - from 155 EUR net

NV-BP-140 (140x80 cm)
NV-BP-160 (160x80 cm)
NV-BP-180 (180x80 cm)
NV-BPL-140 (140x80 cm)
NV-BPL-160 (160x80 cm)
NV-BPL-180 (180x80 cm)
NV-BKP-140 (140/80x120/43 cm)
NV-BKP-160 (160/80x120/60 cm)
NV-BKP-180 (180/80x120/60 cm)
NV-BKP-140-KT05 (140/80x163/43 cm)
NV-BKP-160-KT05 (160/80x163/60 cm)
NV-BKP-180-KT05 (180/80x163/60 cm)
NV-BK-140 (140/80x120/43 cm)
NV-BK-160 (160/80x120/60 cm)
NV-BK-180 (180/80x120/60 cm)
NV-BK-140-KT08 (140/80x163/43 cm)
NV-BK-160-KT08 (160/80x163/60 cm)
NV-BK-180-KT08 (180/80x163/60 cm)
NV-BK-140-KT05 (140/80x163/43 cm)
NV-BK-160-KT05 (160/80x163/60 cm)
NV-BK-180-KT05 (180/80x163/60 cm)
NV-BK-160-KT04 (160/80x163/60 cm)
NV-BK-180-KT04 (180/80x163/60 cm)

NV-KT-10 (43x60xh61 cm)

NV-KT-12 (43x60xh61 cm)

NV-KD-01 (50x40xh61 cm)
NV-KD-02 (50x50xh61 cm)

NV-WK-234 (27x53xh10 cm)

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