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Chillout Room and acoustic furniture

Chillout Room furniture is relaxation furniture for use during work, and acoustic furniture includes modular sofas and boxes designed for sound insulation, perfect for playing games, watching movies or making phone calls without disturbing other users of the room. read more »

Price list and dimensions For a valuation as of today, please ask the seller. We tailor projects individually to the client.

Color palette Due to the large number of positions, the color range is very extensive. We select the types of upholstery and their colors together with the client based on individual arrangements.

Sample furniture for Chillout Room and acoustic furniture

Acoustic booth BeachHouse

Acoustic set Cave

Phone booth Quadra

Set Creva

Boxes Creva

Boxes Play&Work

Boxes Play&Work

Boxes Tepee

Acoustic panels Sand

Armchairs Hexa

System Wall In

Sofas Vancouver Lite

Sofas Vancouver Lite

Safas with walls SoftBox

Armchairs October

Armchairs Chic Lounge

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