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Kentucky upholstered partition walls

Kentucky - acoustic panels - upholstered partition walls made of 16 or 18 mm thick furniture board, covered with polyurethane foam (4 mm for 2.2 cm thickness, 8 mm for 3.2 cm thickness) of different heights and lengths. Upholstered with polyester or wool fabric in a rich color palette. Upholstery closed with a zipper. Kentucky upholstered partition walls with a thickness of 2.2 cm are characterized by a sound insulation index Rw=41 dB and class C absorption, while panels with a thickness of 3.2 cm - Rw=45 dB and class B absorption. read more »

Price list and dimensions

Catalog Kentucky

Color palette

Sample of Kentucky acoustic panels - from 75 EUR net

Hanging partition
KN-PP14 (140x45 cm)

Standing panel on legs
KN-NA1214 (140x120 cm)

Standing panel with wheels
KN-NA1414 (140x140 cm)

Standing panel on legs
KN-NA1614 (140x160 cm)

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