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Affordable Alaska desks

Alaska desks have a frame with two plate legs that are 18 mm thick. The legs are mounted on glides and connected by recessed backs, which provides more space under the desk and, consequently, greater comfort when working with clients. The desk surface is available in two thicknesses: 18 or 25 mm. The Alaska desk system is characterized by a gap above the built-in containers for storing current documents. read more »

Price list and dimensions

Catalog Alaska

Color palette

Sample desks from the Alaska series - from 59 EUR net

AL-BP-11/00 (110x70 cm)
AL-BP-13/00 (130x70 cm)
AL-BP-15/00 (150x70 cm)
AL-BP-11/30 (110x70 cm)
AL-BP-13/30 (130x70 cm)
AL-BP-15/30 (150x70 cm)
AL-BP-11/40 (110x70 cm)
AL-BP-13/40 (130x70 cm)
AL-BP-15/40 (150x70 cm)
AL-BP-13/421 (130x70 cm)

AL-BZ-139/00 (130x70/90 cm)
AL-BZ-159/00 (150x70/90 cm)

AL-BZ-159/30 (150x70/90 cm)

AL-BZ-159/40 (150x70/90 cm)

AL-BZ-159/42 (150x70/90 cm)

AL-BK-1313/20 (130/70x130/60 cm)
AL-BK-1513/20 (150/70x130/60 cm)

AL-BK-1515/30 (150/70x150/50 cm)

AL-BK-1515/40 (150/70x150/50 cm)

AL-BK-1713/42 (170/70x130/60 cm)

AL-KP-04 (41x45xh59 cm)

AL-KP-03 (41x45xh59 cm)

AL-KD-01 (50x40xh61 cm)
AL-KD-02 (50x50xh61 cm)

AL-WK-234 (27x53xh10 cm)

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