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Florida shelving units

Florida shelving units on adjustable legs with height leveling (+/- 25 mm). Fixed gaps for A4 files (about 33 cm), top panel available in either 18 mm or 25 mm thickness. Additional locks available for a fee, fixed shelves. Body made of 18 mm thick board. Back panels made of HDF (3 mm) always in white. Florida filing cabinets, thanks to their modular design, allow for functional arrangement of any office space. read more »

Price list and dimensions

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Color palette

Sample shelving units from the Florida series - from 42 EUR net

FL-R58-5d (80x38xh181 cm)

FL-R58-3o2d (80x38xh181 cm)

FL-R58-5o (80x38xh181 cm)

FL-R58-2d1o2d (80x38xh181 cm)

FL-R58-3g2d (80x38xh181 cm)
FL-R58-3g2d (80x38xh181 cm)

FL-S586-5d (80x56xh181 cm)

FL-S564-5d (60x38xh181 cm)

FL-S584-5d (80x38xh181 cm)

FL-R38-3d (80x38xh110 cm)

FL-R38-1o2d (80x38xh110 cm)

FL-RN36-3o (56x38xh110 cm)

FL-R48-4d (80x38xh146 cm)
FL-NdR28-2d (80x38xh71 cm)

FL-R28-2d (80x38xh75 cm)

FL-R28-2o (80x38xh75 cm)

FL-R28-4s2w (80x38xh75 cm)

FL-RR210-2dr (100x38xh75 cm)

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